About Me

Hi, I am SeedyThreeSixty. You can call me Seedy if you wish.

I have always been very much into computers and technology ever since I was a small child. I got my first computer in 2003, at around 3 years old. It was a custom built desktop PC that ran Windows 95 (later upgraded to Windows XP) and had both a CD drive and an unused floppy drive. In 2005, at age 5, I started learning to touch type and use a screen reader. My very first screen reader was JAWS for Windows by Freedom Scientific. These days, I like to code in HTML, Batch (MS-DOS script) and Python. I've also recently been messing around with Linux and MacOS (OS X).

I was born completely blind. I have no sight what-so-ever, not even light perception. Therefore, I see the world through sound, smell and touch. I've always been fascinated by sound, hence why I also love audio editing. I specialise in pitch shifting, speed shifting, looping audio to create a glitch/crash effect, reverb effects and more.

Why Seedy?

Back in 2018 and 2019, I was known as Fireseed. In 2020, I decided to start changing my name to Seedy as a shortened versioned of Fireseed.

The ThreeSixty part of my name is a reference to the Xbox 360, as it is my favourite video game console next to the PS2, and it shows my love for the 2000s, as that's the decade I was born and grew up in.