Fireseed's Discord Server Rules and Regulations

By being a member of this Discord server, you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations.

This web page is divided into 3 sections. Each section is labelled with a level 2 heading and each subsection is labelled with a level 3 heading. This allows people who use screen readers to easily and quickly navigate through to the section or subsection they want using keyboard commands.


Here are the rules you must follow if you wish to be a good member of my Discord server.

1: This server is owned by a blind person. Remember that!

You must not make any abusive, degrading, derogatory, discriminatory or threatening remarks or comments based on race, religion, sexuality, nationality, disability etc towards anyone in or outside of the server. Violation of this rule carries a minimum of a C3; repeat violators will end up with a C5, which you really don't want to get!

2: Must be safe for work

No NSFW (Not Safe/Suitable For Work) content is allowed on the server by any means! My aim is to keep this place as clean and family friendly as possible.

3: Watch your mouth!

Again, in an effort to keep this server as clean as can be, there will be no use of profanity (I.E. swearing) outside of the designated #Foul-Mouth channel. Mild words, however, like "Hell", "Damn" and "Crap", are an exception to this rule. If you're caught using strong language outside of this channel, the minimum punishment is a C1, however this will be escalated if you continue to break the rule. I must stress that using words like the N word is not permitted anywhere on the server and is a violation of rule 1, thereby resulting in a straight-up C3!

4: 13+

In order to join this server, you must not be younger than 13 years of age. Being under 13 is not only against this server's rules, it is also against the very terms and conditions of Discord itself under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. If you are found to be under the age of 13, you will be banned from the server until you hit that magic number.

5: This is no place for politics

No political discussions are allowed anywhere on the server under any circumstances. Politics is too divisive and it starts too many fights. The minimum consequence for this rule is a C2; repeat violations will of course carry larger punishments.

6: Can you pls pls make me admin pls? The answer is no!

You may not, by any means, harrass or threaten admins or anyone else into giving you a role that is higher than the one you're currently in. As the server owner, it is I who decides what powers are available to its members and which members have these powers. If you keep doing this without any intent to stop, at a minimum, you'll be C1'd.

7: You did the crime, now you must do the time!

Using methods to bypass consequences, such as deploying a VPN or proxy to defeat IP bans or direct messaging a server member and getting them to do something on your behalf, will only result in your punishment being escalated, so just don't try it, OK? If needs be, your internet service provider will be notified of your actions. Enjoy having no internet, and possibly having the authorities on your backside as well if it gets that extreme. The mature thing to do is to just admit that you were wrong and accept the consequences of your actions. Temper tantrums get you nowhere in life!

8: Words paint a thousand pictures

Remember that there is a person who is without any eyesight in the server. Screen readers have no way of seeing images, so try to keep pictures to an absolute minimum. If you absolutely must post a picture, make sure you describe the image as clearly as you can.

Types of Consequence

Here are the different consequences members on this server can receive for violating the above rules


The isolation role is the closest you can get before being kicked out of the server. You cannot send any messages in any channels, you can not use voice chat, you cannot live stream... all you can do is read, read and read! Think of it as the Discord equivalent of solitary confinement or the ultimate CoronaVirus lockdown.